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Three-way handshake bypassing Little Snitch

There has been some discussion recently about the bypassing of Little Snitch by the first datagram of a three-way TCP handshake. The facts: When a deny-rule for a domain is set in Little Snitch, and a TCP connection is made to that domain, a TCP SYN

What are blocklists and why should you use them?

Everyone has heard of them, blocklists, blacklists, denylists. But what are they? In short, a blocklist is a database of Internet servers known for spreading spam, malware or unwanted advertisements. If a blocklist is installed on your computer,

A wall without a hole

Update: Apple has released macOS 11.2 on February 1, 2021, removing the controversial ContentFilterExclusionList. It seems that Apple is willing to admit mistakes. The unfortunate hole in the wall that raised a lot of privacy and security concerns

A hole in the wall

Apple on Privacy: Privacy is a fundamental human right. At Apple, it’s also one of our core values. Your devices are important to so many parts of your life. What you share from those experiences, and who you share it with, should be up to you. We

macOS 10.15.1 Update Fixes Kernel Prelinking

The initial release of macOS Catalina caused trouble for a lot of Little Snitch users. Updating an existing version of Little Sntich would almost always lead to a dreaded “Version Mismatch” error being shown after restarting your Mac. We

The Story Behind CVE-2019-13013

This blog post targets fellow software developers. It’s a story of how it could happen that we shipped a version of Little Snitch with a serious vulnerability and, more importantly, what we can learn from it. It all began with a security

All that glitters is not gold

In February 2019, security experts from Trend Micro published an article about a new variety of malware. This particular attempt gained additional attention because it was the first time that cybercriminals tried to run an .exe file (Windows

Little Snitch 4

A new major upgrade for Little Snitch 4 is now available! 🎉 We’ve been hard at work to get many new features into this version and we think with all the new features, you’re really going to like it! A big thank you goes out to our awesome

Little Snitch an Possible Deprecation of NKEs

In a WWDC session, David Schinazi has mentioned that Network Kernel Extensions (NKEs) ”will be deprecated”. He asked developers to transition to the Network Extension (NE) framework and approach Apple to report any problems with this. This

Little Snitch on Vault 7

We’ve been receiving a number of questions regarding Little Snitch being mentioned in the CIA Vault 7 documents that were made public on WikiLeaks. The published documents don’t provide any indications that surveillance agencies were able to

On Gatekeeper and the Lifespan of Little Snitch Rules

The Protagonists Gatekeeper is a security feature of macOS. Among other things it makes sure that apps that are in quarantine (= were downloaded from the internet or received via AirDrop) are temporarily moved to a private location when launched,

New Payment Option: Bitcoin

You asked, we listened. It was a repeated request, so we’ve updated our shop and are happy to announce that we now officially accept Bitcoin as an alternative currency. With this post I would like to introduce you to the new payment option. In

Ready for OS X El Capitan

Apple will release OS X El Capitan shortly and we were busy over the summer to make sure our apps are ready for it. LaunchBar 6.5 added two beautiful themes that use the new San Francisco system font. Among many bug fixes and improvements, it also

iOS Simulator and Little Snitch 3.5

If you’re an iOS developer, this will make you very happy: Little Snitch 3.5 greatly improves support for iOS Simulator apps in every regard. First and foremost, apps and processes that run in iOS Simulator are now easily recognizable by their

Where‘s Little Snitch 3.2?

Those of you who pay close attention to Little Snitch’s version numbering might have wondered why there’s no Little Snitch 3.2, but a Little Snitch 3.3. If you payed really close attention over the last few months, you might even wonder why

Little Snitch 3.3 Released

We just released Little Snitch 3.3 with a lot of improvements and a brand new welcome window that automatically opens after you restart your Mac to complete Little Snitch’s update: New users can find a concise overview of Little Snitch’s

Surfing on Mavericks’ Waves with Little Snitch

Two days ago, Apple announced the next major version of its Mac operating system at WWDC, dubbed OS X Mavericks. Developers got early access to it to make sure their apps are ready for it when it’s publicly released on the App Store this fall. If

Automatic Profile Switching

Have you ever opened up your MacBook in a coffee shop and got a bad feeling that you’re exposing too much information to an unknown network? Or did you ever burn through your mobile phone’s data plan way too fast because you hooked it up via