May 8, 2019

Little Snitch 4.3.2 (5284)


  • Improved performance of Little Snitch Configuration when “combine rules” is enabled.
  • Added support for Touch ID to enable/disable rule and profile editing when clicking the lock button in Little Snitch Configuration’s toolbar.
  • Process paths are now treated as being case-sensitive, even on case-insensitive file systems. This resolves an issue where rules created manually using Little Snitch Configuration would not match if the entered path didn’t match the actual path exactly. Such rules are now also marked as invalid and can be found in the “Invalid Rules” filter in the left sidebar.
  • Code modification alerts can now be minimized, just like regular connection alerts.
  • Improved detection of processes whose code signature got invalid because the corresponding code signing certificate was revoked.
  • Improved layout of rule group subscription editor.
  • Added sharing options for rule group subscriptions. In the left sidebar, Control-click a rule group and select “Share”, or use the share button in the rule group subscription editor to share the rule group with others.
  • Added support for WireGuard VPN.
  • Added a factory rule for connections from syspolicyd to
  • Rules whose process paths contain symbolic links are now marked as invalid because they can never match.
  • Various improvements to Subscribed Rules Inspector.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where Little Snitch could break DNS lookups for all programs. This bug first occurred in version 4.3.
  • Fixed an issue causing the connection alert to create a rule only for the app itself, ignoring the via-process, if the via-process was a Java process.
  • Fixed an issue with ask-rules causing the connection alert to create rules that were less specific than the ask-rule that caused the alert to be shown in the first place, leading to repeated alerts.
  • Fixed an issue causing Little Snitch to deactivate Silent Mode and switch to Alert Mode unintentionally.
  • Fixed an issue in Little Snitch Configuration where dragging of rules didn’t work correctly when “combine rules” was enabled.
  • Fixed an issue in Network Monitor where traffic captures were incomplete.
  • Fixed a few issues with the network traffic meters in the menu bar.
  • Fixed an issue causing the buttons for toggling the map and the inspector in Network Monitor to be not clickable under certain circumstances.
  • Fixed an issue causing traffic captures not being stopped when Network Monitor was disabled in preferences while traffic was being captured.
  • Fixed a possible crash on OS X 10.11.


  • Numerous user interface fixes and improvements.
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